Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Started: How to use this guide

Hi people,
Get Me Out is an awesome game, but sometimes finding a solution can get on your nerves....
For those of you having trouble solving "Get Me Out" puzzles I'll start posting the fastest solutions in this Blog, using videos and a special notation...

Note: R is Right, L is Left, U is Up, D is Down.
First things first:
Every move has a starting point, a direction and a destination.
I'll be using cell-coordinates as shown left in the white area.
Coordinate-format will be: [Row][Column]
A move will be described in the following format:
[Coordinate][Direction] (for instance: 22 R)
Compound moves (for instance: moving one square
up and left) and double steps will just get 2 letters...
(for instance: 43 DR and 11 RR)
Each move is separated by a ; making it impossible
to get confused.

I wish all of you a lot of fun killing your spare time and finally finding the solution.

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